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East Fremantle Yacht Club has many facilities to ensure all your boating needs are fulfilled in one place. Senior Members can get access to secure parking, vessel refuelling facilities, ice box, boat ramp and the gymnasium. To apply for pens & moorings, as well as boatshed storage, dinghy & SUP racks you must also be a Senior Member.

At East Fremantle Yacht Club, we encourage our members and their boats to remain active. Part of the Club’s requirements of having a boat in the marina is that you attend a minimum number of ‘on-water events’ each year. For Power boats this is a minimum of 3 events and for Keelboats this is a minimum of 12 events.

For more information on how to become a member and pen / mooring availability, please feel free to call the office on 9339-8111.

We work on a ‘user pays’ fee structure, so you only pay for what you require. Therefore, in addition to your annual membership fee, you may be also be subject to other additional annual charges including:
• Boat ramp access 
• Pen or mooring user fee 

Please refer to Schedule of fees for 2024/2025 

To access the marina facilities, you need to follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Membership

• Complete your membership application form to become a Senior Member.
• Send your application to and make payment for your membership.

Step 2 – Vessel Waitlist & Application for Accommodation

• Once membership has been accepted by the Executive Committee, you will need to complete a Vessel Waitlist & Application for Accommodation form and pay the relevant waitlist fee.
• At this stage you will also need to provide us with copies of your insurance ($10m public liability) and registration.

Step 3 – Temporary or Provisional Allocation

• The Mooring & Storage Committee will hold on to your application until there is availability for your boat in the marina.
• An email will be sent to you once you are allocated a provisional pen / mooring.
• You will be offered accommodation on a provisional basis, until participation activities are assessed. This will take a minimum of 6 months, during which time you will be charged monthly in arrears for your accommodation, which will include a premium (50% for pen holders).

Step 4 – Allocation

• Once the relevant Committees have approved your accommodation, you will be offered an Annual Pen or Mooring Licence, which will be at the Annual Rate relevant to the financial year. Pen holders will then be required to pay a Pen Ingoing Fee, which will be equal to 1.5 times the Annual Fee at the time. This will be paid over 5 Annual Instalments, relevant to the Annual Pen Rate plus 30%.

Step 5 – Fire & Safety Review

• Once you have been allocated a pen or mooring you will need to complete a Fire & Safety Review Checklist.
• Contact a Marina Compliance Officer to check and sign off on your self-audit.

Boat Shed Storage / Dinghy & SUP Racks

As a Senior Member you can apply for storage in our Boat Shed & Dinghy & SUP racks. This is subject to availability and Boat Shed Storage Application Forms are available from the office. Please refer to Schedule of fees for 2024/2025. 

Fuel Pump

Our fuel pump is available 24 hours to approved Senior Members with vessels at the Club. To get access to the fuel pump members will need to submit an application by downloading the Fuel Application form and emailing it back to Approved members can then access the fuel using their membership card.

Emergency Spill Kit & Ice Machine

An emergency spill kit is in the yellow bin at the head of the Fuel Jetty (Jetty D). A G6 key is required to access the kit, which can be purchased through the Administration Office. The G6 key will also give you access to the 24-hour to the ice machine, which is located under the balcony.

Launching Ramp

This requires a boat ramp key, which is only available to Senior / Country members who have provided details of the vessels that will be launched. Boat ramp keys can be purchased from the administration office.